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Small Island Big Song
About "Hisoma Sa Ts Hisoma A (Small Island Mix) - Small Island Big Song Ft' The Ankievo Village Band"
3. HISOMA SA TS HISOMA (Small Island mix)

For our seafarers
The Vezo people are one of the last of the world’s sea nomads. This song is dedicated to those who know, care, depend on and fight for our oceans.

English title – Dance or no dance
Composer – Ankievo Village Band
Language – Vezo, Madagascar
Translator - Jean Niriko Makozy
Nature sound – Shore brake, The Mozambique Channel, West Coast of Madagascar.

Mahatserike anay ny fombatsika gasy e
Mahatserike anay ny fombatsika gasy e

Tsika tsy ho aia mifandratiraty e
Tsika tsy ho aia mifandratiraty e
Oh nama a malaza raty e

Hisoma sa tsy hisoma

Oh vale e laha mis gny mandratiraty e
mistaka avao ambony moral zanahary anabo
ao avao mandahatse aze

We're astonished about our Malagasy behavior.
We're astonished about our Malagasy behavior.

We don't go far but we do bad each other.
We don't go far but we do bad each other.
Oh guys ¦ we're famous for the bad ways.

Dance or no dance?
Dance or no dance?

Oh guys, if someone do bad to you, do not hit back, your mind is strong.
God is overhead, God disposes.
Ready? We gonna dance.... one, two, three.

Recorded and produced in the field, from the grass roots up. Small Island Big Song is independently owned & managed - A living album, an oceanic songline.

Made possible by
Australia council for the Arts, Winston Churchill Trust, Asialink, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, Creative Victoria, Arts NT, National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan, RØDE Microphones, Crumpler Bags, Peace Boat, 600 crowdfunding backers from Taiwan, the trust of the artists & communities and the love from family & friends.

Profit made from the album
1 Fair Trade - 50% of net profits are distributed to the artists & NGOs.
2 All artists are treated equally on two tiers, feature or session artist.
3 Acknowledging Intangible Cultural Heritage as defined in The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People by giving selected NGOs (by artists’ choice) a share in net profits.

Music Producer/Sound Engineer/Mixer | Tim Cole
Project Producer/Manager | BaoBao Chen
Packaging Design | Paul Chou
Graphic Design | Jenn Da Costa
Photography | BaoBao Chen & Tim Cole
Cinematography | Tim Cole & BaoBao Chen
Album Mastering | Oli Jacobs & Tim Cole at Real World Studios, UK
Artists Quotes & Interviews | Wayne Furlong
Legal Advisor | Eldar Manor Law Office, Israel
Visual Album Post Production | Tim Cole
Website Design | BaoBao Chen
Papers of the CD package | Hand made using local sugarcane wastes and Tapa cloth fibers in Guangxing Paper Mill, Taiwan.
Translators | Pnnay(Pangcah), Sammy Samoela (Malagasy/Betileo/Merina), Jean Niriko Makozy (Vezo), Gulo Tulo (Selau)

Full thank you list, artist notes, interactive songs’ journeys, photos, videos and stories on our website.

Here you will hear those who sing for the seas.

From Taiwan to Aotearoa/New Zealand - Madagascar to Rapa Nui/Easter Island.

Islanders who share an ancient seafaring ancestry and language.

Artists contributed to each others songs recorded and filmed on their homelands in nature, with the instruments and in the language of that place from Sarawak... more
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