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About " Ahi Lu Core Meu (Sangennarobar Remix) "
“Ahi lu core meu” is a traditional Salento pizzica. The version of Spakka-Neapolis 55 has been broken down and recomposed by Dj UèCervone according to his inspiration to be brought to the track. This is a folk rock version with Maghreb references, in which iron castagnets and tampura are used.

Dj UèCervone

Dario Cervo, aka Dj UèCervone, is a mathematician, dj and producer. In the early 90s, he began to select and play World Music. His sound comes from a long journey that deeply touches Africa, Salento, South America, India, the Balkans, Spain, the Mediterranean, Cuba and Sicily. His dj sets are appreciated and followed in European clubs and appeared in ... more
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