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Samuel Johnson
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United States
JSJ Reveals Strong New Single “Honey\ JSJ (Joshua Säde James) is an emerging Canadian artist who incorporates self-worth and love within his music, with the message that "you are worthy, you are loved, and you are imperfectly you.”

Sensuality and sexuality are embedded in his sultry new single. “Honey” was written during a time of self-discovery and self-preservation. Finally feeling comfortable in his own skin, he shows his exes what they’re missing.

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 East Coast folk singers Don Brownrigg and Terra Spencer Debut “Say” Two accomplished Canadian East Coast singer-songwriters, Don Brownrigg and Terra Spencer, join forces to produce a moving gentle country waltz that will make you want to sway to the beat.

The first verse of the lyrics was written over a decade ago by Brownrigg, and the song was finally finished when he met Spencer.

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DEAR-GOD Unveils Blistering New Single Robert Ortiz aka DEAR-GOD’s blistering new single, “Weaponize This,” is the first taste of his upcoming debut album for Dine Alone Records, entitled The Punchine, which is set for release on May 5th.

A stream-of-consciousness reflection on the hardcore community, the Brampton, Ontario-based producer combines elements of punk, hardcore, and industrial music to address the real ones in the scene.

“I’ve found love and comfort within [the scene,]” explains Ortiz, “but I’ve also identified the bullshit drama and empty words of certain others within it.”

“People are constantly trying to escalate situations over nothing and [they] talk just to talk. It’s high school ****. If it pisses you off, then the shoe fits.”

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Folk Duo Crowes Pasture Shares “Agree On,” A Folk Song Calling for Common Ground Folk duo, Crowes Pasture, have penned a new song which addresses finding commonalities within American society.

The Bostonians’ touring has led them to tour up and down the East Coast, granting them insights into the political perspectives of a wide array of individuals.

The plaintive and acoustic “Agree On” is what the duo considers to be a “prayer that we will be able to find common ground in a deeply divided democracy.”

“We are struck by how much people actually have in common as parents, children, workers, Americans, brothers and sisters.

For this country to move forward in a positive way, we need to acknowledge and respect differences, but we also need to appreciate the humanity that exists in everyone.”

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Andrea Superstein Comes Alive on  \ Andrea Superstein is one of the most versatile voices in Canadian music today. Adding savvy vocals to whatever she touches, from nu-jazz and downtempo electronica to Latin grooves, Andrea lures listeners in with killer improvisational instincts, exceptional storytelling, and a red-hot band. Her music exemplifies powerful vocals evoking the gentle and the strong, the light and the dark, deep blues to pop confection, often in the same song.

In jazz, it’s common practice to reimagine existing songs. Andrea’s inspiration to arrange this particular song was a desire to focus on the present. She chose to cover Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” to pay homage to a song that was part of the soundtrack of her younger days. It’s a song that many people from her generation know and love, which is why it was the perfect choice for her to revisit from a fresh perspective and different instrumentation.

This single will be followed by a full length album later this year, Oh Mother, of mostly original songs. It chronicles stories of motherhood, rooted in Andrea’s own experiences and those of over 50 mothers who so bravely shared their stories.
“I really enjoy the challenge of taking a song that’s meaningful to me and finding a new way to interpret it while still honouring the original,” says Andrea. “I love that a listener might not recognize the song at first. I love that a less adventurous listener might say, ‘Hey, maybe this kind of jazz is worth checking out.’ Weezer is the gateway drug to jazz!”

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