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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
United Kingdom
Influences: India
Genres: indian music, hindustani music, sitar, tabla, world music
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Samswara - sitar & tabla duo.

Samis the first beat of a taal, or Indian rhythmic cycle. It’s literal translation is ‘together’. It is around this beat that the musicians weave their virtuosic improvisations and intricate compositions, passing the music between them, with each Avartan, or cycle inspiring the next.

Swaraare the notes of the Indian musical scale. The literal translation is ‘self shining forth’ – a strong feature of Indian music is of the performers bringing the music to life in the moment through spontaneous musical expression.

Samswara - 'Together the self shines forth'.

Samswara have been performing Indian music together since 2001 and have developed a strong performance rapport between them.

Samswara were selected performers at the National Celebration of British Asian Live Arts in 2008, and were voted ‘Best Group in South West & South Wales’ in the MTM South Asian & Ethnic Minorities Awards 2014.

Samswara’s highly engaging and dynamic performances range from slow, meditative, melodies through to fast and highly detailed exciting rhythmical interplay.

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