Sahad And The Nataal Patchwork
Influences: African
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About: Sahad
About: Sahad & The Nataal Patchwork
About: Sahad & The Nataal Patchwork
Sahad means harvest in serer. Pronounced a little differently with a "t" at the end, it means resurrection in wolof. It is also the first name of the lead singer of Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork.

Sahad and the Nataal Patchwork reflects a harvest of various musical influences, a wandering, a path of awakening, a bridge between different cultures. This group is a cultural crossroads where musicians from different backgrounds meet. Together, they are part of the current youth movement who have a new lease on African music. Their music is a combination of Malian blues, Afrobeat, rock and jazz all coming together to create a kaleidoscopic sound.

With a very refined style their vibrations transport, move, and transcend the body. The universal language of their melodies and rhythms speak to our souls. Sahad sings in several languages, filling the texts with a certain spirituality and insistance on our humanity.

A reference to the diversity of colors found in a patchwork fabric, the name Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork invokes the image of a bush taxi traveling the world while accumulating cultural wealth from our differences. The goal of this accumulation is to share a message of love and tolerance. « Nataal Patchwork » means in some sense a reflection of an entire universe ("nataal'' meaning portrait or photography in Wolof).

AWARD & CONTESTDecember 2015 : Prize-winner 2016 of “Le Rêve Africain” (France)Mars 2016 : MIDEM Finalist (France)April 2016 : Participation in the official contest of the Journées Musicales deCarthage – Music Festival Carthage (Tunisia)

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