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Roger Aldridge
About "Cloud Dance (James Barr, Guitar)"
Cloud Dance was inspired by a day in which thick, low clouds driven by high winds seemed to perform a ballet. The music unfolds through shifting moods, textures, and movement. Except for a brief restatement toward the end of the opening phrases, the piece is largely through-composed and does not use a conventional compositional form. It is fairly short and is meant to sound ephemeral -- like clouds that come into our vision and then are gone. Recorded by James Barr, guitar.

This piece was composed in 1993, along with several others, for a concert to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. After that performance Cloud Dance gathered dust for 18 years until it was discovered in August 2011 by George Spicka, a composer friend in Baltimore. Four months later, Cloud Dance was performed by Keith Calmes as a short piece for solo guitar in a concert at the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York City. Afterwards, Keith commissioned me to compose a full-length piece for guitar and Donut Music (included in my tracks at Ethnocloud) was the result.

I am primarily a jazz composer.  A wide range of influences are found in my music including tango, blues, samba, fusion, ragtime, contemporary classical, American roots music, and other kinds of music that interest me.   Listed in International Who's Who in Music. Independent artist. A selection of my music is available for TV, film, theater, and other uses through Directional Musi... more
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