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Roberto Sass
About "Radioactive Geisha"
I made this track 3 years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster to work both in a documentary as well as in a modern dance. It is a soundscape with Japanese ethnic influences combined with synthesizers in style of Howard Jones.
Radioactive isotopes is still spilling into the air and the ocean in unprecedented amounts. It is estimated that 300 tonnes of contaminated ground water seeping into the ocean destroying and changing the aquatic flora, not just for the Japanese population but the radioactivity is spreading across the entire world affecting us all.

I titled it Radioactive Geisha for reasons that the Geisha is the ultimate representation of the Japanese culture and friendly hospitality and she maintain both old traditions and creates the future of Japan by bringing the next generation of new borns to the world. So what will become of the past, present and future of a nuclear contaminated Japan? What will become of the Geisha?

Hello, I am a multi genre producer of music and usually work on themes to fit a specific album in mind but occasionally other ideas suddenly starts itching which could be worth testing out.  The genres varies from ambient, chill-out, new age, chill-step, melodic dubstep, electronica, dance, classical, cinematic, rock, hip-hop, jazz and the fusion in between all these. I am fond of ethnic ... more
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