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Roberto Sass
Influences: Middle Eastern , Asian , India
Genres: ambient, chill-out, new age, cinematic, jazz, funk
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Photo by: Roberto Sass
About: Freedom
Photo by: Roberto Sass
About: Tears in the Sand
Photo by: Roberto Sass
About: Scirocco
Photo by: Roberto Sass
About: Fir Miltein Hain
Photo by: Roberto Sass
About: Radioactive Geisha
Hello, I am a multi genre producer of music and usually work on themes to fit a specific album in mind but occasionally other ideas suddenly starts itching which could be worth testing out.The genres varies from ambient, chill-out, new age, chill-step, melodic dubstep, electronica, dance, classical, cinematic, rock, hip-hop, jazz and the fusion in between all these. I am fond of ethnic infused music especially for up and downtempo chill-out's and love influences of Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian and South American natives.

I think by not being genre specific, creativity will be allowed for some more roaming. For me it is all about the ideas and the process of realising these that makes me happy.

Ongoing album projects:The Silk Road Chronicles (Ethnic chill-out & cinematic)HiberNation (fusion new age ethnic chill-out)Quantum Theorem (electronic soundtracks)Exhale (chill-out / lounge)


Dawn of an EmpireUnspokenUnder The Same SkyIn Perspective From My HammockJe T'aime Par Toute L'eternité

Collective releases:

Memento Mori (Dawn of the Android)Quantum Flux (History of the Universe)Dawn of Osiris (Tales of the Wisemen)Valley Of Roses (Route To Dakar)Alpha Centauri - Decent On Proxima B (Coloniser)Phlegethon River Of Flames (Nine Circles Of Hell)Into The Yellow Sun (Into The Yellow Sun)Cradle Of The Universe (Future Wonders)Hyperspace Rendezvous (For A Blind Universe)Zeus At Olympia (Ancient Wonders)Hippodrome (Ancient Olympia)The Tibetan Levitation Project (Ancient Mysteries)


Legacy of Thought