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About "Whina - Walk Of Freedom"
With the full tautoko/support of the Cooper whānau and
Te Rarawa elders, Riqi Harawira ‘Creative Native’ presents
his new waiata alongside the music video
‘Whina - Walk of Freedom’.

Dame Whina Cooper (Te Rarawa) was known as
‘Te Whaea o Te Motu’, The mother of our country.
She was an inspirational leader who spearheaded a hikoi/march from Te Hapua in the far north to the steps of Parliament in 1972. ‘NOT 1 ACRE MORE’.

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“And Harawira doesn’t just make music about these things, he is hands-on, putting his mana where his mouth is, working alongside those who are struggling, and educating people in traditional Māori ways. It is highly commendable work and I can’t overstate the amount of respect and love I hold for a person such as this. Fantastic job Riqi, keep rocking that Guitaiaha!” REVIEW - Cathy Elizabeth - review 4 stars

This track has a fusion rock vibe, which is key to Riqi Harawira's sound. Adding layers of guitars and a steady rock rhythm, Harawira has a knack for the new. His musical ability to share a kaupapa Māori message with his ‘Guitaiaha’ is a fresh addition to our changing Māori Music scene. Made with the support of Te Māngai Pāho, we were able to create something that celebrates a wahine with mana and a vital message.

The Music video is a tribute to Dame Whina Cooper and her mission to raise awareness around Māori land rights. She brought together a raft of kaupapa around racial equality, kaitiakitanga, the right to govern our land, the loss of mana, and many grievances. She put all her mauri/energy into a revolutionary Māori hikoi/march and galvanized it with the term ‘NOT 1 ACRE MORE’.

“In July of 2020, I rang my partner to tell her that Dame Whina Cooper had come to me in a dream. She said ‘Whakanui tēnei pūrakau’ (tell the story about the march to Parliament). Coincidentally my partner reported that she had just met a kuia that day in the hospital ward convalescing next to her sick mother. The kuia regaled her with the memory of being on the march with Dame Whina, and the experience of walking over the harbour bridge. At that moment we knew he tohupai (this is a good sign) to develop this waiata and music video”. Riqi Harawira

Even though the production for ‘Whina - Walk of Freedom began in 2020, to Harawira it is a tohu/sign that the single and movie are coincidentally released. The original release date for the single was summer 2021, then postponed until Feb 2022. The next barrier was the anti-vaccine, anti-mandate occupation of the grounds of Parliament House and Riqi did not want to release this song during this occupation in Wellington. The decision was made to launch the day after Whina the movie was released, to uphold the mana of the film and to make it clear that the waiata has its own journey/haerenga however supporting this film and kaupapa.

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Special thanks: Hinerangi Puru(nee Cooper) Moka Puru, Joseph Cooper, the Cooper whanau, Panguru community, Flossie Drake, Huia Hamon, Te Hiku Media, Greenstone pictures, NZ Herald, NZME, Te Karere, Screentime NZ, Greenstone pictures, Communicado, Mahingarangi Forbes @The Hui, Rukuwai Allen, Lance Kingi (engineer) Taupiri sound, Rongotai Lomas (videographer) David Duckworth (editor) South Island media productions, Dannii Vallely Te-Kani and Nadia Marsh.

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Release party The Common Room Hastings 8th July