Influence: African , African
Genre: nyatiti
About "Ongogo"
In this song Rapasa is inviting listeners to enjoy his own parables and let them interpret as they wish while relating to their own life experiences. Here are some example of these parables:

Ohhh Piny ne u mer,
Ohhh Piny ne u ger,

Dede ogongo chamo lum,
Dede ongongo huyo

Osiepe wuoyo awuoya adiera kara onge,
Jodala wuoyo awuoya dhano kara ogajore.
The universe is cruel and drunk at the same time.

It is only a grasshopper that eats grass and flies at the same time.

Friends and family that are not true in their sentiments are difficult to get on with.

Thu Tinda!!!