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Ranine Chaar was born on the 1st of August in the ancient passionate city of Tripoli northern Lebanon; a city rich in culture, nature, architecture, music and food.She was raised in a Christo-Islamic family where she learned both, Islamic and Christian music. Her famous father Abdul Karim El Chaar is also very well-known for mastering classic, sufi and maqamat singing. He paid a great deal of attention to his daughter's talent and her sensitivity for music since she was few months old and he indirectly improved her remarkable talent by enriching her musical library. "Before I was delivered to the world my father insisted to call me Ranine whether I was a boy or a girl..." Ranine in Arabic means the resonance of the beautiful voice, instruments and gold's sound."When I was 3 months old my father used to keep me in front of the radio to record me singing and humming funny vocals for long hours. I have more than 30 K7's of such recordings and video tapes and I just can't stop laughing at myself with tearful eyes whenever I watch or listen to those tapes... My mom told me whenever I heard a sad song I used to cry, then they would change it to something more joyful and I started to shake and dance and they did it over and over till they realized I had something special for music. I even used to sing to flowers, trees, grass and puppies imagining they were my audience"Ranine at age of 5 and 6 started to memorize the oldest Oriental classics of Om Kolthoum, Mohamed Abdul Wahab, Farid El Atrach, Fairuz, Wadih El Safi, Abdel Halim Hafez, Warda, Sabah, Dalida, Aznavour, Brel, Barbara, Nat king Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and many other legendary singers of all time. People were stunned by Ranine the little girl when she sang such songs that were beyond her age.She joined the choir since she was five. "My friends used to ask the teachers to stop the lesson and let me sing for the whole course... This trick was a success because it helped us skip a homework for the next day." She took piano lessons for five years and then started playing the guitar at age of 15. Her first TV appearance was at age of 9 in a show for young talents sponsored and created by UNICEF and she won an honorary diploma. She joined her father in his concerts which gave her confidence and made her earn skills in the art of improvisation.Ranine studied Economics in Hawaii Pacific University - USA and now she is majoring in International Tourism Management in Beirut - Lebanon. While being in the states, she was a soloist in the international ensemble of HPU "Hawaii Pacific University" where she chanted in more than nine languages. She performed in many international festivals in Hawaii like "Aloha Festival" "Ala Moana Festival" "Greek Festival" and many other intercultural events. As she had main performances in big national occasions in Lebanon.Ranine has never studied music academically but she improved her singing skills through researches and listening to a big collection of singers and music from all over the world. She's a music seeker. Now she can sing Jazz, Flamenco, Latin, Classic, Soul, Blues, Rock and certainly the different oriental Maqamat scales. She has played leading roles in plays and musicals. "Al Samiriyyah", "Ri7lat Mo7tar Ila Shri Nagar", "The Closed Doors", "Era"...She has recorded the official Arabic soundtracks for Disney classic movies as "Bolt", "Once Upon A Wintertime"...Ranine has received an honorary shield from the Lebanese minister of Culture. She has participated twice in a row in the Sufi Music Festival in Amman Jordan and she was the only Middle eastern and the only female in the whole festival among all the artists coming from different parts of the world and the minister of culture has honored her with an honorary shieldShe performed in Jerash Festival Amman JordanShe was hosted in many popular local and international TV shows along renown celebrities.She was hosted as a main role in many international documentaries for broadcasting channels like Arte, Mezzo, Munhwa (Korea), abc (Australian)....She has performed in Rotterdam International Film festival debut and finale - HollandPerformed at the International Spanish Day in Beirut - Lebanon