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About "They Came With Stones"
They Came with Stones is based on the true story of two Bedouin sisters that were forced to marry boys they did not love. They decided to climb a mountain, braid their hair together and jump off. In the song, they fall into a flash flood and get swept away to freedom and their new life.

Produced by Marc Mann, (George Harrison, ELO, Oingo Boingo, Eric Clapton) and Sharon Eliashar.

Written by Sharon Eliashar

Ali Paris: Qanun
Sharon Eliashar, vocals, rhythm guitar
Marc Mann: Lead and Bari Guitars, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Polly Tapia Ferber: Dumbeq, Finger Cymbals
Danny Montgomery: Drums
Adam Good: Oud
Kenny Blye: Bass

RUBI ATE THE FIG is an American Rock Band incorporating Middle-Eastern music featuring accomplished musicians from both genres.

RUBI ATE THE FIG is produced by guitarist Marc Mann (George Harrison, ELO, Oingo Boingo, Eric Clapton) and composer, Sharon Eliashar. Sharon has spent many years visiting the Bedouins of the Sinai, and her songs are inspired by Middle-Eastern rhythms a... more
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