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Influence: West European
Genre: song, folky,
3 times in the Global Top 40
About "The Heart of Joan of Arc - Paul Vens & Friends"
The Heart of Joan of Arc
Along the river, La Meuse in France, lies the little village of Domremy. It is the birthplace of Joan of Arc. The old Church and her house are still there as they were around the year 1400. And the Meuse valley that you overlook when you look down into the valley and see the wide, fertile, quiet and is beautiful.
I wanted to write about the human being Jeanne, or better, yet how she listened to her intuition, at a time when that was not allowed. She did it anyway, bravely and naturally. It cost her her life.
As the years went by, histor viewed Joan of Arc differently and a Basilica was built in honor of Jeanne near her village