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Pantelis Spyrou
About "Xoris Limani"
Vocals: Kostas Tzanampetis
Lyrics:Gianna Siaridou - Pantelis Spyrou
Music:Pantelis Spyrou

from album DAIMON EAYTOS

CD ΔΑΙΜΩΝ ΕΑΥΤΟΣ released by Zefxis Music

His name is Pantelis Spirou and he was born in Thessaloniki - Greece in 1976. He was into music since he was very young, but never took it seriously! He is not a music school graduate, he is self-taught. When he was 16 he participated in rock bands, like most young men did. In November 2015, his first album with the title “ΔΑΙΜΩΝ ΕΑΥ&Tau... more
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