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Genre: world, indie, reggae, folk, pop
About "Beduino Latino (2017, Organico Ridotto)"
Beduino Latino tells the story of a young cattle keeper of Salernitan (South Italy), Carmine Iorio, who, entrenched in infantry, is part of the conflict of Cyrenaica (1911/12). Though the boy stands out as a shooter chosen for his remarkable purpose, he is destined for police service. He spends his time between wineries and brothels, scrambled and odalisques. Until after a ferocious rush with a drunken tummy, Carmine decides to deal with her posthumous stroll through the desert at the culmination of which she falls asleep at the foot of a palm tree. And it is that he awakens bound and held by the personal escort of a sinister tribal leader. On the threshold of the scaffold the light turns on: “I am a chosen shooter, i’ll teach you to shoot”. The grace is granted by making out two clusters of a rival tribe.
It borns Yussuf El Muslim, who perfectly integrates: the language, a family, until one of the leaders of the uprising has been around for almost twenty years. In Rome the government does not tolerate this traitor and therefore Mussolini orders his capture.
On December 18, 1928, Carmine Iorio was shot but this time he did not feel to deny the culture he received and valorized and did not abjure, rejecting the priest and remaining Muslim.