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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Orangecow Studios
Event Organizer
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Here at orangecowstudios, we offer a range of crazy artsy fartsy services and also your, soon to be, favourite event management company.Ancient histories have written about a legendary cow. This particular cow is not an ordinary cow, for one, its orange and this cow walks and talks like a human would but very few have seen and heard of him as he comes when he is needed. Rumors at that time hadit that if you wanted the help of the orange cow, you had to hang a long piece of orange cloth outside your door over night. On that orange cloth, the request will be written. And it will be fulfilled.Here at orangecow studios, that long piece of orange cloth, is just a phone call. And that ancient story is just crap. =DHere are the services we provide :Event ManagementEvent Crew SupplyFilmDesignPhotographyProductionAnimationStudio RecordingConsultancyNo holy cow, no mad cow disease, c'est orangecow studios!