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Open The Gate
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United Kingdom
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Open The Gate is a cultural organization whose objective is to promote a positive and contemporary image of African & Diaspora arts, crafts, music, design and culture; offering accessible quality programs across the communities.Open The Gate brings its recognised trademark of African Cultural events and activities around London, hosting Live World Music concerts with the aims of giving visibility to upcoming artists, offering affordable shows featuring renowned and established acts, showcasing a variety of musical genres and traditions in order to instigate people’s interest for cultural diversity.Besides Live Music events, Open The Gate is hosting its unique and very popular fair: The African Market, featuring a selection of the most talented designers from Africa and inspired by African cultures as well as charities raising awareness and funds for their projects. It includes a real feel of Africa but also of the local community, welcoming free Drumming workshops, Storytelling, Face painting, and African food.In the past 5 years the organization has grown, from organizing music events to managing now new branches such as a Booking Agency, a Cooperation & development project in Africa, and even a handmade accessories label – passing by having set up and run a cultural venue for 2 years in the heart of East London!Open The Gate is a hub and platform for artists, musicians and creative minds and also acts as a Booking Agency: a service provided for other organizations, promoters, festivals, corporations to book the artists that Open The Gate supports and represents.