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Ocean Of Milk [OOM] Featuring Ion T Veddinge
About "Where You Won't See Me"
The music of this track is a direct tribute to the melodious songs of the Beatles, from the time before Paul McCartney passed away, in the year of my birth, 1966. The lyrics are related to my experiences with being in an intimate relationship, and was written 20 years before I finally recorded it, in this crude version. Sometimes the one you love tends to think that you will stoop to a lower level, even to the point of cheating on her, or replacing her with somebody else. This song is my response to such negative thought patterns, "for I know what I know, and I see what I don't - I know where to go, and I know where you won't see me!" In other words, I won't stoop to a level below basic human dignity...

Upcoming album, Ocean Of Milk - 'Between Demons and Gods' - a Cosmic Revelation of the Destiny of Battlefield Earth...

Undeniably, there is a strong cosmic force of musical and artistic influences upon my soul that I have learned to live with, having been born in the Chinese year of the Firehorse, which is a very powerful energy to manage. On this note, I am now again open to b... more
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