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About "Towards Eternity"
One of the tracks from my Promotion album, 'Ion - My Golden Seeds' that was also recorded 'live in the studio,' with my dear friend, Stefan V. Jensen (of 'The Sandmen') as the producer. I had rehearsed this particular song for a few weeks with my band, Ocean Of Milk; so once again, the expert musicians knew it by heart, so much so that we recorded this track, along with four other songs, all in one day! This was yet another 'first-take,' so whatever the lads played and I sang, is exactly what you hear on this track, as it went straight 'in the box,' with nothing else added, other than the gentle presence of two soul-sisters, Soma and Heidi. 'Towards Eternity' begins and ends with those two lovely ladies. Firstly, the song 'weeps' with the melancholic cello of Soma (Hammerlund) Allpass, whom I had especially invited, simply asking her to play a short intro, in the form of a chromatic descent in A-minor, to which she herself added her wonderful improvisations, recorded 'live in the studio,' brilliant as she is! Lastly, came in Heidi Damgaard, my dear friend and soul-sister, who is also the dear wife of music mogul, Lasse de Flon. Heidi added her sweet and serene backing vocals, to 'Be lonesome no longer...' - the very same line, Stefan had been adding his valuable inputs to, by asking me to repeat it, as the outro, which also ended up becoming the chorus and the theme of the song, as if subtly answering the classic question of Elvis Presley, 'Are you Lonesome Tonight?' - then, 'Be lonesome no longer...'