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Ocean Of Milk [OOM] Featuring Ion T Veddinge
About "Mind Control (Bhaja Hu Re Mana)"
The only song on my sold-out solo album, 'Ion - My Golden Seeds' wherein the music is an authentic ancient Indian raga, but arranged by a dear friend, Mathuresh Das, as he is quite capable of controlling the Computer. The Lyrics are two verses from a Sanskrit bhajan, Bhaja Hu Re Mana, composed by Govinda Das, and the song is an example of combining ancient wisdom with modern sounds and beats...

Upcoming album, Ocean Of Milk - 'Between Demons and Gods' - a Cosmic Revelation of the Destiny of Battlefield Earth...

Undeniably, there is a strong cosmic force of musical and artistic influences upon my soul that I have learned to live with, having been born in the Chinese year of the Firehorse, which is a very powerful energy to manage. On this note, I am now again open to b... more
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