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About "Hixa Mía"
¨Hixa mia mi querida, aman, aman, no te eches a la mar,
que la mar esta enfortuna, mira que te va llevar.
Que me lleve que me traiga, aman, aman, siete picos de hondor,
Que m’engluta pexe preto, para salvar de l’amor.¨

from Posidonian Poetry, released September 20, 2019
Tànit Navarro — Sephardic Voice
Andranik Muradyan — Klarinet.
Martí Serra — Alto Sax
Albert Pintor — Arabic Oud
Jorge Quesada — Piano
Juan Pablo Balcazar — Doublebass
Ernest Martínez — Cajón.
Rafael Lagunas — Drums

Traditional Sephardic Song
Arranged by José Borjas

OMBRA’s music remains especially relevant within the boundaries of Ethno-Jazz and Jazz-Fusion genres since its compositions are mainly based on melodies and lyrics of an Andalusian and Israeli character. Mediterranean culture and civilizations play an important role shaping Ombra’s musicality as jazzy scales are combined with Arab and Turkish tradition as well as ancient ‘ladino’ or Sephardim.... more
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