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Nistha Raj
About "Ajde Jano Featuring Duff Davis & Debu Nayak "
From the album, Exit 1:
Arranged by Nistha Raj. Based on the traditional Serbian Folk song, “Ajde Jano” or “Come on Jana”. Includes melodic ideas from Raga Darbari and Raga Jaunpuri and is set to Roopak Taal, a 7-beat rhythmic cycle. Dedicated to my sister, Geeta Raj, who always jokes she is “half-Indian,” “half-American,” and “half-Balkan.”
Nistha Raj Violin & Harmonium
Duff Davis, Guitar
Devapriya “Debu” Nayak, Tabla

Nistha Raj transports to international audiences a rare, evocative and soothing sound of classical North Indian (Hindustani) music on the 5-string violin. Regarded as “stunningly skilled in western and eastern classical music” by the Washington City Paper, Nistha Raj is emerging as a fresh voice in creative and world music. Her self-released debut album, “Exit 1” has bee... more
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