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Nistha Raj
About "Jayanthi Featuring Aakash Mittal & Debu Nayak "
From the album, Exit 1:
Composed by Nistha Raj and Aakash Mittal, set to Jhaptaal, a 10-beat rhythmic cycle. “Jayanthi” in Hindi means victory.
Nistha Raj Violin
Aakash Mittal Alto Saxophone
Devapriya “Debu” Nayak Tabla

Nistha Raj transports to international audiences a rare, evocative and soothing sound of classical North Indian (Hindustani) music on the 5-string violin. Regarded as “stunningly skilled in western and eastern classical music” by the Washington City Paper, Nistha Raj is emerging as a fresh voice in creative and world music. Her self-released debut album, “Exit 1” has bee... more
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