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About "Ezanani - Wrong Or Right"
Original taken from the album "Afroplastique" (Membran / Sony Music)

**Ezanani - Wrong or right**
Nani a pesi yo permission o finga moninga
Who gave persmission to insult

Eza nani?

Its like a chicken in a Casino,
Go ahead before I do it
What is wrong, what is right
I do know what to say abou you
You where Never able to talk to me
Then You came in my live to insult me

Esa eloko te
No problem

Bolingo eza chance na mokili oyo
I know it's hard to give love

Olingi non te, donc osi ozui
Take it or leave it

Prusquement oye kofinga nga
suddenly you insulted me

Makasi esilaki na nzonto
Than I lost my head

Niasony - Pulsating groove from the Congo

Niasony came from Congo to Germany at the age of 13. Like many of her compatriots she is torn between a “functioning“ Europe and a homeland which is affected by poverty and violence – especially against females.

Niasony entrances her audience with an under the skin getting velvet voice and an unique ba... more
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