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Nabil Khemir
About "Finou El Hob"
When I look around me in this world, I can see a lot of pain and sadness, too much egoism and lonelyness, arrogance and spite. There are uncountable high mountains of money and no money at all, there is unlimited wealth and borderless poverty. We build up castles and create for ourselves magnificent impenetrable shields, but no soul inside of it.

The man has become an isolated individual…So what?!! I have this vague memory of something called love, feelings of sharing, concern, goodness, and loyalty.” In Finou Elhob (Where did love stay?), Nabil Khemir questions the lies that dominate our world. It’s a recall of humanity and sincerity, a reminder of values that should be, that should never disappear and shall stay forever.

Nabil Khemir is a well-known Tunisian born guitarist/lutist, singer and composer who has created his one of a kind double neck lute/guitar instrument which he aptly named, "RayJam". This unique instrument, allows Nabil Khemir to explore and share his musical playfulness by having an electric lute and electric guitar within grasp at a moments notice. Nabil has performed at the international fe... more
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