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About "Yéetel U Pixáan Masada "
International Collaboration Mexico/Israel

Finding historical coincidences that have defined our identities, and with its current and renewed lineup, MUVA launches this new single Yéetel u pixáan Masada (With the spirit of Masada) having as special guest the renowned Israeli clarinetist, Harel Shachal.
In an effort of inclusiveness and seeking to show the world the beauty of what is truly Mexican, thanks to the warm response and acceptance MUVA has had in other parts of the world, the video includes text translations from Hebrew to Mayan, English and Spanish.

Carmen Fuerte - Flutes; Gerardo Aponte - Violin and viola; Jorge Chávez - Drums; Adrián López - Guitars; Chatrán González - Percussion, programming, composition and general direction.
Special guest Harel Shachal - Clarinet
Mix and master - Hans Mues
Advisor for Mayan language translation - Maria de Jesus Pat Chulim
Video production - Almóndriga Films

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MUVA is an immersive multi-sensory experience: with its world music of cinematic aesthetics, it takes us to places visited only in dreams; and through visual arts, invites us to travel as far as our imagination allows.
MUVA is an allegory of movement, of the synergy between sensations, experiences and memories.

On stage, MUVA is also a visual concert, which plays with c... more
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