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Municipale Balcanica
About "Tuareg"
"Offbeat" is enriched by the contribution of real ambassadors of Balkan sounds such as Jeko Demirov and Vinko Stefanov, of the Macedonian band Kocani Orkestar. They play the very beginning of the first track, "Tuareg", an original composition of Municipal Balcanica.

Municipale Balcanica is more than a known entity in European jazz scene ( 34th  International Jazzfestival Saalfelden ) l'ensemble cree un espace d'expression vraiment original ( Trad Magazine ) Yes, this band did have the courage to record Hava nagila in such a way that it gets high above all the thousands of other versions I heard during the past 35 years. ( FolkWorld) it is ... more
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