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Municipale Balcanica
Influences: Balkan , Jewish , Mediterranean
Genres: fusion, world, folk
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12 times in the Global Top 40
November 2022 #37 - Global Top 40 Hava Nagila (track)
October 2022 #23 - Global Top 40 Hava Nagila (track)
June 2022 #19 - Global Top 40 Hava Nagila (track)
11 times in the Global Top 40
About: Municipale Balcanica
About: Municipale Balcanica
Municipale Balcanica was founded in 2003 by Nico Marziale, Paolo Scagliola, Raffaele Piccolomini and after a substantial live activity, publishes his first album in 2005. The debut album is "Fòua", in which the MB starts a lively and profound synthesis of Tzigane, Yiddish Klezmer and Eastern Europe sounds and the most radical and warm music from its homeland, Puglia, in southern Italy. The prestigious journal International Folk World, assessed MB' s 'Hava Nagila' as "one of the best interpretations heard among thousands of last three decades.". In June 2012 MB released the new album Offbeat developed with the support of Puglia SOUND. The record met critical acclaim: "This is amazing and unique intoxicating music. I love it. (FOLKWORLD) "and" A great test of Municipale Balcanica in this project demonstrated its ability to disengage from various styles and languages. (Rai Radio3). "In November 2012 MB won the competition MB of La Repubblica XL as the most voted band from Puglia. In 2013 MB tour travel to Austria, Brazil, France, Hungary(Sziget). At the end of 2013, MB began a collaboration with Roy Paci leading her to make several concerts. "A lot of curiosity and expectations for the special musical encounter between the leading balkan group of Italian nationality, Municipale Balcanica and eclectic Roy Paci”. In 2015 Municipale Balcanica played a concert with Manu Chao. In 2017 after 600 gigs MB played with Iggy Pop.