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Mokum Foli
Influences: African
Genres: west-african percussion, melodies, singing and dance
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Photo by: Mokum Foli
About: Mokum Foli in concert @ VDON, Arnhem Holland
The Amsterdam-based percussionists Jaco Benders, Rutger van der Ree and Thomas Bonekamp are the core members of Mokum Foli, today enriched with kora player Albert Distelbrink, all round djembé- and percussion player Fanti O'Bryan and female Guinean dancer and singer Fina 'Tenegbe' Diawara. Together they will bring you a widely varied musical program based on traditional and less traditional percussion, melodies, songs and dance from Mali and Guinea. In their search of refreshment they are using Kora, Balafon, Djembé, Doundouns, Talking drum, Shakers, Log Drums, Bells and Voices in pleasant musical combinations!