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Mina Matijasevic&Etno Jazz Orchestra
Mina Matijasevic&Etno Jazz Orchestra - Mina Matijasevic&Ethno Jazz Orchestra-Zvira Voda
Influence: Balkan , East European
Genre: ethno jazz


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Arts4change-burudani Asilia
Arts4change-burudani Asilia (05/17/17 02:24)
Nice music... love it.
Maja Atanasijević
Maja Atanasijević (01/07/17 01:14)
Ethno Jazz Orchestra Mina Matijasevic brings very unusual symbiosis of traditional melodies fom Balkan and jazz music.Compound of majestic,powerfull,at the same time refined voice of Mina Matijasevic,her recognizable expression on the stage,together with impressiveness of a sounds,with modern approach to traditional music of her collaborators,Stevan Milijanovic on piano,percussionist and drumm... more
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