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Milagro Acustico
About "The Trip Of My Father"
The idea came to me in this period of forced stay in the house. It is not exactly a novelty since in the past with Milagro Acustico, we have carried out several projects both record and live with musicians from various parts of the world: Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, and beyond, India, Bangladesh, Senegal and perhaps I forget someone. But in the field of jazz I hadn't tried it yet. My father's journey, It is that journey that I do not know, there is a void that unfortunately no one will ever be able to fill, because nobody knows and he has left for the last trip for some time. I think almost all of us have empty spaces in the memory of their parents so I would be happy to share this idea with other musicians.

Bob Salmieri: Tenor Sax, Baglama
Stanisław Słowiński: Violin
Mateusz Nawrot: Vibraphone
Volkan Gucer: Low whistle
Michal Gorczynski: Bass Clarinet
Maurizio Perrone: Doublebass
Giampaolo Scatozza: Drums
Carlo Colombo: Bongos
Andrea Pullone: Oud

Music: Bob Salmieri

Milagro Acustico was born il 1995.Cultural Association started in 2007, after almost 12 years of activity in the homonym musical formation and, according to the statute, its main goal is to promote and spread the Mediterranean culture. The many CDs the group released in order to rouse the interest of the public opinion towards, the Arabic Poets of Sicily- to which it dedicated three CDs-, Omar ... more
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