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About "The Trip Of My Father"
The idea came to me in this period of forced stay in the house. It is not exactly a novelty since in the past with Milagro Acustico, we have carried out several projects both record and live with musicians from various parts of the world: Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, and beyond, India, Bangladesh, Senegal and perhaps I forget someone. But in the field of jazz I hadn't tried it yet. My father's journey, It is that journey that I do not know, there is a void that unfortunately no one will ever be able to fill, because nobody knows and he has left for the last trip for some time. I think almost all of us have empty spaces in the memory of their parents so I would be happy to share this idea with other musicians.

Bob Salmieri: Tenor Sax, Baglama
Stanisław Słowiński: Violin
Mateusz Nawrot: Vibraphone
Volkan Gucer: Low whistle
Michal Gorczynski: Bass Clarinet
Maurizio Perrone: Doublebass
Giampaolo Scatozza: Drums
Carlo Colombo: Bongos
Andrea Pullone: Oud

Music: Bob Salmieri