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About "Lamentu Pi Turiddu Carnevali"
This version is a re-adaptation of the 2010 version published on the cd "Sangu ru Poeta - Ignazio Buttitta and Nazim Hikmet poems" (Cultural bridge). In this version the main voice is entrusted to Debora Messina, the accordion by Natale Montalto and the drums of Dario Li Voti, friends of Marsala (TP) of the group I Musicanti di Gregorio Caimi. The two groups for several years collaborated in the creation of new songs.

Bob Salmieri: Tenor sax, percussions tambur, progr.
Andrea Pullone: Baglama
Maurizio Perrone: Doublebass
Gunay Celik: Kanun
Debora Messina: Voice
Natale Montalto: Accordion
Dario Li Voti: Drums

Music: Bob Salmieri
Lyrics: Ignazio Buttitta