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Meriem Ben Amor
Influences: Mediterranean , Middle Eastern , Gypsy
Genres: electronic, chill, sephardic folk, roma folk, persian folk, gypsy jazz, tunisian folk, mystic poetry and ancient greekazeri mystic poetry, iraqi-kuwaiti folk, tunisian
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July 2022 #2 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Foug Elna Khel (video)
July 2022 #2 - Top 40 for North African Influence El Baya (track)
November 2020 #7 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Ruhi (track)
Photo by: Meriem Ben Amor
About: Debut Album "Once Upon a Time...يحكيو على"
Photo by: Meriem Ben Amor
About: La Rosa Enflorece
Photo by: Meriem Ben Amor
About: I Cease To Sigh
Photo by: Meriem Ben Amor
About: Remixes
Photo by: Meriem Ben Amor
About: Ma Kadouni
Meriem Ben Amor is a Tunisian-Canadian Singer: a unique voice with "Warm and Ethereal" tone that blends the richness of the eastern ornaments to the softness and clarity of the western music. Meriem is a pluri-disciplinary musician: she sings, plays string instruments and percussion. She’s is a polyglot artist who speaks and sings in Arabic, French, Spanish and English. Her exposure to many cultural influences allowed her to sing in other languages like Romani, Ladino, Azeri, Farsi and Romanian.

At a very young age, Meriem grew up joining her father's soulful Sufi chanting, she learned the violin when she was 12, classical guitar when she was 17 and spent the past decade studying and playing the piano. In Tunisia, Meriem studied the Arabic Maqam and the Tunisian Malouf while finishing her bachelor degree in electronic engineering.

After moving to Canada, she deepened her knowledge in classical music theory and took several composition master classes and advanced workshops as well as electronic music production courses at Berklee College of Music.

She performs with "The Roma Jazz Ensemble", a World Music ensemble based in Vancouver, led by the violin virtuoso Lache Cercel.

In 2019, Meriem met with the two-time Grammy nominee DJ/Producer/Sound Designer, founder of the Label Electrofone and member of the NARAS "Carmen Rizzo" who produced her debut album "Once Upon a Time". The collaboration continued through releasing two more singles and a Remix EP in 2020 and led to founding together the band "Didon" end of 2021.

Meriem continues collaborating with artists of various musical backgrounds and seeking new experiences.