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Beats Promotion - African Producers Hub Vip Music Group in conjunction with African Producers Hub presents Cheap Exclusive & Non Exclusive beats promotion to enhance upcoming artists careers. We understand that creating and promoting your own music can be costly. Artists don't always have room in their budget to pay a producer licensing fees . This is why African Producers Hub is presenting this promotion -- by using our library of high-quality royalty beats from different producers in our hub, you can get a professional sound at less cost and save your money for studio time, promotion, etc. This promotion is specifically for upcoming artists with music passion. *Contact - Jason Millz* Call / App -+263773016936 Or email @ more
VIP MARKETING AGENCY & PICWEB MULTIMEDIA ORGANISATION We are a global creative network in advertising, technology and entertainment. We work with national brands and advertising agencies. We are experts in developing marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. We specialize in advertising, promotion and market research to reach global and people in Zimbabwe. We have worked with brands and agencies across multiple industries to reach wider consumers, including:  clothing brands, retail outlets and , entertainment. People consume advertising differently and therefore require different marketing strategies to reach. We have developed expertise in developing brand ambassadors, reaching best consmers and potential consumers, marketing and marketing to stable oriented brands. more
Picweb Multimedia Services PicWeb Muiltimedia is an independent production agency based in Harare. We’re a tight-knit team that delivers cinematic short films, photography & bite-sized content for people, brands, & agencies. We create high production value commercials, branded content, photographs, social media assets, web series, and films. We surround our Creators with the best crews in the industry and the results are stunning. more
Prospography Of Sue Jae Name: SUNUNGURAI JOYCE MUTABENI Stage Name: SUE JAE D.O.B: 10/05/2001 Origin: HARARE ; ZIMBABWE Location : MARLBOROUGH Genre: RnB ,Electronic Dance Music Years Active: 2018- Present Biography : I started writing  lyrics in February  and joined the music club at school. My music teacher inspired me and I  was able  to sing any RnB songs  till I  decided  to  record my own song. My first song was "YOUNG" and I released  it in December  2018, it was an electronic song. I love singing  because its a way I can use to express my feelings  and being an orphan made me sing a lot because of the loneliness I  felt  but that  never pulled me down I  told  myself  to  , be a soldier  to my life and face  all battles I  have till I reach my  highest goals and succeed and show the world  my  talent. more
Media Company Founded By Jason Millz. more

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