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Mba Shakoor
Influences: North American
Genres: pop hiphop
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Photo by: Mba Shakoor
Photo by: Mba Shakoor
Photo by: Mba Shakoor
About: album cover
Photo by: Mba Shakoor
Mba Shakoor’s latest Album release “Visual Paradox” is a CD filled with great hip-hop pop dance songs that capture the essence of hip-hop pop past and present. The lead single “CLARITY” is just one example of this merging of styles. The song’s theme is believing in yourself and how to become free from the negative opinions of others, life’s restraints, stress, trauma. Learning that everyone doesn't deserve to be around you, due to the company you keep will determine your success or failure. It was created to inspire people, to empower people, and to create maximum impact as the tone and the force dictates. It is all played out with such an addicting rhythm you’ll find yourself singing the chorus over and over. The vocals are also captivating as Mba’s deep baritone vocals deliver raw power that one needs to acknowledge. It just adds to the overall impact of his music. The change-ups, the chorus, the melody, and the catchy rhythm never leaves you. Audiences far and wide are enamored by his music and showmanship. Mba Shakoor music is very memorable, radio-friendly and sustainable in the music industry today.

Mba Shakoor played overseas throughout Europe and made appearances on European talent shows, such as; Must Be The Music Poland, and Poland’s Got Talent. Soon back in the States, Mba was invited to take part in the Power 106 Battle for the Best, Who’s Next competition. They came in third place beating out thousands of artists in the Los Angeles area.

Mba Shakoor is the new face of hip hop/pop Dance music. high energy, intense hooks, and ear-catching beats, look for them to be the next great artist to come!