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Influence: Middle Eastern
About "Sahara"
One of my more epic tracks, inspired by my love of exotic Eastern melodies to inspire the listeners' imaginations in a “film soundtrack” type way.

This starts off with a deep drone and myself and Jonathan taking it in turns to improvise away on our respective instruments (Spanish guitar and violin).

In both the intro and the outro sections, all the of the parts played are “on the spot” improvisations, which can bring a certain magical element to music. The guitar and violin continue to share the melodic roles, accompanied by the superb percussion of Bryan and bass playing of Liza.

The icing on the cake for this piece is the addition of the Turkish Saz (doubled tracked along with Spanish guitar) of Yannaki, which adds a finishing touch of mystique and magic to the overall journey.

Mark Barnwell - Spanish guitar
Liza Carbe - bass
Yannaki Arrizza - Turkish Saz
Bryan Brock - percussion
Jonathon Stromberg - violin