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About "Wyrzundzaj Się Dziwce Moje"

From this Kurpie song began our adventure with combining Polish folk music with flamenco. It tells about the girl's preparation for the marriage ceremony. In our version, the beginning of the song is the song Despierte la novia despierte in the translation Wake up the bride, taken from the spectacle Bodas de Sangre (Bloody Wedding). Then the whole piece spills out in the almost classic flamenco tientos, until the surprising finale. The inspiration in the search for chords was for us the version of the song developed by Karol Szymanowski.

Madrugada creates a musical fusion of Polish folk music with the energy of flamenco, and traditional sounds with modern ones. The theme of the whole album is dualism and combining seemingly distant worlds. Madrugada, the name of the band means dawn in Spanish, and the title Sombra, means shadow. This odd juxtaposition of two opposing phenomena perfectly illustrates how complex and exuberant the... more
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