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Leepee Ching
Lalula Exclusive soft release After a year of recording, since we were on lock Down...I'm starting to release some music in 2021, Didn't release a single Track in 2020(unbelievable)...My second release is a soulfully afrocentric track.which is Giving thanks for small Mercies and for life it self.. praises and thank you'd...#Lalula features the Vocal abilities of Laurena alternative Ego Lo-Lo Dee and the Distinctive baritone of DjMerchy who give the track aeven deeper apeal..."like the Bible my eyes Open" #Lalula available Now on all Digital Platform...
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Leepee Ching is an Hardcore Soca artist Street Soca..From the tiny Caribbean island of Antigua.....
Leepee ching :;
Born Lindy L. Charles is a RAGGA SOCA Artist, from the Tiny but Unique Caribbean island of Antigua Barbuda...Home of Burning Flames, Who played Major influence and inspiration Musically on him while Growing up...Not known as a Singer But more of a Chanter, Slang ... more
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