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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Le Palais Des Sciences (Antitapas)
Event Organizer
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Antitapas is an event that has been held in Brussels since 2009 and is the perfect example of the endlessly diverse Brussels nightlife, a festival indoor where you can find free food, creativity, performances, ateliers, flavors, cooking experiences, music, live concerts, djs and more.

The main aim is to support the world of popular and multi-cultural art through music and the culture of traditions. Live music is the rule, upcoming bands are given a platform, everyone is welcome and fees for the entrance are kept for this purpose very low (5/9 euro) bringing as a result different art forms and nationalities together.

The word 'Antitapas' is a contraction of 'Antipasto' and 'Tapas', which reflects the Mediterranean touch of the organisingassociation, Le Palais des Sciences ASBL. Bring your smiles and love... and we will wrap up in a blend of flavours and senses that will make you feel "El derecho de ser felices"! Le Palais des Sciences ASBL has also worked on the artistic direction of the following festivals: YoFest (2011,2012,2013, 2015), Marche annuel d'Anderlecht (2014), Parcours des Artistes de Saint Gilles (2010, 2012), Fete de la Jeunesse d'Auderghem (2011, 2012), Fete du Progres (2013)Antitapas Night.