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Lawrence County
About "Amelia (feat. George Gadd)"
Amelia is an old song that never made it onto the 2020 album ‘The Frailty of Humans'.

Written many years ago by Al Rate after reading a book by Simone Felice called 'Goodbye Amelia'. The song had lay dormant till George Gadd heard the song in a 'Lockdown' live set and suggested a collaboration.

So here it is ... a song for the summer, recorded and produced under lockdown conditions.


Thanks to guest musicians:
George Gadd - Inspiration, vocals and electric guitar
Ben Pike - Pedal Steel Guitar
Darren Morgan - Bass

+ The usual suspects:
Al Rate - Vocals and acoustic guitar
Bill Kerry - Vocals and harmonica
Martin Gallimore - Keyboard
Charlotte Pynegar - backing/harmony vocals
Big Bob Carlisle - Percussion

The song was recorded in a variety of locations and produced at the Hillbilly Fever HQ (Bagthorpe Delta)
Mastered - by George Gadd.

A Hillbilly Fever Production (May/June 2020)

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"... like a breath of fresh air in a crowded musical marketplace ... with their subtle mix of traditional British Folk Music and Bluegrass, and an emphasis on witty Americana-flavoured lyrics"

Fiddles, banjos, raggedy choruses & accordions

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