Latvian Voices
Influences: East European , Scandinavian , Asian
Genres: a cappella
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August 2023 #27 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence SILVER (video)
July 2023 #27 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence SILVER (video)
June 2023 #27 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence SILVER (video)
We are a professional a cappella group from Latvia, the land that sings. Our musical journey began in 2009, and for the first 11 years, we performed as a female a cappella group. In 2020 the wonderful bass Jānis Strazdiņš joined the group, turning us into a mixed a cappella ensemble. The music we perform brings together our cultural heritage — Latvian folksongs — and the world-famous Latvian choral sound, which we respectfully mix together with the influence of contemporary a cappella and world music. We all like to compose and arrange music for our voices, but the group's leader Laura Jēkabsone has written most of our repertoire. Since 2009, we have performed in more than 35 countries worldwide with many programs, both acoustic and amplified. We have released eight studio albums, and number nine is on the way.
Sounds of Latvian Nature, our exceptional music album, is an earbook which won the Annual Latvian Recording award in 2014. Besides concerts, we love to share our experience in a cappella workshops, which is why we founded our own annual festival, the Latvian Voices A Cappella Festival in Valmiera.