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Laima Jansone
About "Puķe, Puķe, Roze, Roze"
Laima Jansone Trio live @ festival Rīgas Ritmi.

"Puķe, puķe, roze, roze" ("Flower, flower, rose, rose") is based on latvian traditional folk song.

* It's not really Scandinavian music, it's from a little bit smaller are - the Baltics.

"I enjoy those moments when suddenly there is an abundance of energy. It offers us the possibility to share but also to fully express oneself. Truly these are magical moments. Thankfully they are not that rare, but they are certainly not common or forgettable. During these moments equilibrium is established between you and the other players, or you and the universe of the audience. And the ener... more
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