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About "A Land Of Extremes"
This haunting melody with its video images are inspired by my travels to some of the furthermost parts of the Canadian Arctic. Likely, nothing has impacted me quite as much as the power of the Arctic. Indeed, I almost lost my life to it. Towering mountains; ancient glaciers; giant expanses of ice and snow; untouched tundra; huge icebergs of the most incredible and bizarre forms, drifting in the arctic seas. Below freezing and darkness 24 hours/ day for more than half the year. The Aurora or Polar Lights that light the sky in the form of arches, arcs, swaying curtains of various colours.
Awe-inspiring...the resiliency of the people and extreme landscapes send shivers through your bones.... how do you ever capture that feeling?

Take notice of some of the scenes of glaciers collapsing into the sea. Reflect - Global warming is causing Arctic ice to melt. Melting ice speeds up climate change. We can’t let that continue to happen to us and our world.