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About ""Sustained" By: Kingwasabe"
"Sustained is an original composition and performance for "Solo For Electric Guitar" (Modified). Recorded, streaming real time single guitar performance, using two-hands, ten fingers, single track, single take, free of pedals or paraphernalia other than my personal guitar customized, modded instrument. The track is a debut recording following a recent guitar modification which was stereo mixed on an ancient DAT recorder and minimally mastered on DAW using reverb/delay and cross-fader in order to simulate spatial enhancement that occur in nature. Although it may sound like a suite for two guitars, which it is intended, the fact of this or truth is revealed in careful listening differentiation. There is NOT any MIDI Time Code or overdubbing involved in this performance recording. There is only technique which the Human Hand can articulate. The timing and tonal variances are one single instrument being simply, singularly recorded. Presented here is a Solo Guitar Instrumental. FYI: The instrument is an ancient "Silvertone" EVH Signature Electric Guitar equipped with stock dual-coil humbucker pick-ups. This is the debut recording of this instrument after I recently built and installed a "Sustainer", a modification which is nothing more than a smaller pick-up type device running in reverse, possible describable as a "Put Down" (a narrow explanation). The woodwind, or flute like sounds are coaxed by driving the strings in conjunction with articulated fingering. The Treble and Bass Clef notes are more simultaniously "Dialed-in", so-to-speak, as the result of controlled articulation of unique variations on fingering style. This is the actual guitar sounding straight out of the mixer. It is intended as a "Performer Piece". This track is an original performance. This piece was mastered using basic DAW Stereo Imaging in order to emulate spatial, natural sounding environmental variables. The electronic modification utilizes very few electronic algorithms and the "Real Time recording is a streaming event, free of gimmicks. I appreciate having received several inquiries from discerning listeners looking for the genuine article. The influence answers to a personal draw towards Celtic musical drones in timbre and voice. This offering is a sample work of my effort to produce performance pieces of music while offering contrasting variety of playing styles discoverable within these original published works. Inspirations from various influence and genre, within these tracks transcend my lifetime, so it's spirit catching! Lot's of questions to answer. Thanks for listening. I love receiving comments and inquiries always welcome and answered.

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