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About ""Dirty Enough To Sing The Blues" By: Kingwasabe"
British Invasion of 1960's ferreted out and caused the popular retrieval and remakes of music styles, gems of the Southern USA. Ex: "John Mayall", was one such pioneer. These styles were adopted and further revealed leaving a remarkable and beloved historical music legacy impacting the World. Offered here, is an original "Southern Blues" style song. Composed and arranged for a solo performance, using a cherished, 6-string Silvertone EVH Signature Electric Guitar restored and modded. (See track art photo). This recording is an impromptu live performance recording, which was recorded in 2017 at Random Howze, a very classy well equipped for stage performance, now defunct local performance venue located in Eastsound,Orcas Island, Washington.
*100% All proceeds from this track donated to charity-see hosted donate ID link:

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