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About "If I Had It All"
This song is a short version of a 15 minute excursion of Country Western Blues Ballad, which is a beloved, unforgotten tradition in American Song Experience. This piece is specifically infused in Celtic/Scottish musical cadence as a matriculated rhythmic dance ballad. Then, come the lyrics, the process of time and cultural change, as if steeped unsettled, from coast to coast, across the North American Continent. Is it Scotch, or Bourbon, or Sour Mash, perhaps it is the spirit of "Rye", aged in an oak cask since the late 1920's? The style re-surfaces in the USA Southern Comfort Cultural Explosion of the mid 1930's. Soon following, a USA cultural mainlining synaptic re-vitalization occurred, as well educated passionate,talented, artists of the British Isles, post WW2 displaced, yet counter culturally educated songwriters, musicians and rags to riches sound engineers evolved an alchemiistic brew of historical proportions beginning in mid 1950's. This tradition expose, carried across the Atlantic Ocean and back to the USA, became a magical tour music-social enigma, a re-flux phenomena, coined in mega Dollars "U$D" as "The British Invasion". This resulted in the longest run of music recording performance popularity of that last century, which continues to change the World. Song styles were exhumed from the grave so-to speak, and rediscovered in pilgrimages to the Deep South USA by many a famous British Island, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Rock-star. The re-percussive force maintains a continued reach into Norway, Sweden,Denmark, Germany, and beyond the downing of the Iron Curtain to around the globe. In the 1960's, delightful mathematical algorithms were translated into stomp boxes, which en-flamed the world with these same undertones adding contemporary muse and upbeat tempo and effects settings. I had fallen in love, not only with the styles, but also, I'm bitten by the "BuG", which still drives me deeper to develop versions of playing relative to these styles that touched me. This I have maintained since about the time it fell off the charts, yet like the lovesick artist inside my soul, since nobody produces it Wait, nobody? OKay Ya, If so, please relate back to me, who, what & where. Hence, the story unfolds as I'm driven to offer a humble reach at this beloved style.

Singer songwriter, Composer, Dance Choreographer, Music Producer (by modest means). I traverse the world and self-immerse in the origins and traditions of rhythm & dance. Concert cellist at age 10, and now I'm all over the place because of life long passion to keep learning about musical expressions of the soul humanity and evolve and contribute to Music/ Art History. When I pass the portal ... more
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