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Influence: Mediterranean , Jewish
About "EOS"
"When they ask me where I was born, I answer: in Santa Maria! Because it is there that my life started again". This is how a lady, now in her eighties, referred to her short stay in Santa Maria al Bagno (Nardo' - Lecce) in the aftermath of the Second World War. As thousands of other Jews who had survived the Nazi concentration camps, she had been taken by the English Army to the Despled Person Camp Number 34, which was set up to welcome and rehabilitate the deportees.

Salento as a land of welcome. An unaware community of poor fishermen, starved as a consequence of a war that was not theirs, comes into contact with people who had pain written in the eyes and carved in their bodies. Living together and in tune with each other became a surprising reality.
In this context, a love story is born between a Jewish painter and a local girl.


Loosely inspired by the story of Zivy Miller and Giulia My, Khaossia tell of the love between the young Greek painter Jacob and Aura, a Salento girl, through the dialogue of music, theatre and videoart.
Using the deep but impossible love between the two as a starting point, Eos tells of the meeting of cultures and stories which are very distant, but paradoxically close in their humility and humanity. A love story that from their elopement, will lead to the girl's conversion to Judaism, a wedding and the couple's departure for Israel. The story is framed by an old fashioned, poor and marginalised Salento society, which nevertheless was able to welcome the Jews and share with them food, jobs, passions and rebirth.
The show sees the integration of three artistic languages - music, theatre and video art - to give a true depiction of the history and atmosphere at that very precise moment in history.
Alongside a few traditional pieces, there is an original theatre, music and video production composed for the occasion, which will be performed as a world premiere.

FABIO TURCHETTI, organetti e chitarra
MIRKO RAUSO, tamburi a cornice
GIORGIO GALANTI, sceneggiatura e narratore