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About "Tu Che Parti"
Tu Che Parti is the single from the upcoming Kërkim New Album
October 24, 2020. The song turns its gaze to migrants who have not made it, who somehow get stuck in a nostalgic dimension of not being able to return to their own country without personal and economic fulfillment. “You who are leaving, where are you going…”, reads the text by El Harrachi, interpreted with meticulous respect for the language by the voice of Morris Pellizzari; accompanied and embellished by the enchanting Moroccan voice of Jamila Harbi.

The Kërkim was born in Puglia, turned to the lands of the Mediterranean. From Albania takes its name, in the meaning of search and observation, a costant motion made possible by dialogue, essence of worldmusic. Takes its inspiration from the street, listening sounds, smells and observing its steps. Kërkim meets, listens, preserves and rereads the frequencies of those lands; from the Balkans to ... more
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