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Kasheshi And The Bhutula Band
About "01. Mama Nipeleke Kwa Baba"
In Tanzania there is a humor saying, “the one who knows the real father of the child is a mother”
People feels much better after knowing where are there roots where are they originated. You sometime might think you are a residence of this or that estate but when you try to trace where your grand - grand parents came from you might be surprised. The inspiration of the Swahili phrase is a key phrase for the whole song, where by a child is asking the mother to take him to his father’s land so that he can meet the grannies and grandpas, where is your fathers land?

The Bhutula Band is based in Finland. The Band started with 7 members “When different Culture Meets There will be a new beginning” From that saying was the birth of Bhutula Band (2015).The band is playing Kasheshi's compositions, who is a band leader. This is the project whereby music is being used as an artifact of strengthening and reinforcing sharing life experience through mu... more
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