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Influence: African
About "02. Welelo"
Welelo is the Sumbwa language word meaning the World.

Is this universe connected in some way? It is said that the continents used to be connected, but now people are now marked by their countries, cultures and the like. We are all separate, and people see different colours among each other, with less acceptance and recognition sometimes. This is not only happening between people from different nationalities, but also amongst people who look and behave in the same way. “Welelo wanza matambi” (The world has fallen apart) It is a Sumbwa language sentence that my grandpa used to say when he saw things going or had gone wrong, or there is a surprising result, which is not positive. This phrase means the world has fallen apart. And sometimes, if you tell him you will do this or that, he could say this sentence just to help you remember the world had changed and it might surprise you sometimes. As a child growing up, meeting these surprises is part of life that almost everyone has experienced.The song is live recorded at Sibelius Academy Finland 10.12.2016 Global Fest